Artaska is the very picture of elegance and inspiration with her seemingly effortless creation of sound and emotion which is clear in her latest EP Spontaneous. Wisconsin native Artaska, is a classically trained violinist who seeks to enthrall audiences with the soulfulness of the violin in a way you have never heard before. Artaska first picked up the violin at the age of four, noticing the natural talent she possessed Artaska mastered the crafts of the violin through her involvement with the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra and many other orchestras.

 In 2016 Artaska released her debut album Coffee which songs have been featured in several web series, including one that went to TV.In 2020 during the pandemic, she released her latest EP Spontaneous which included her lead charting song "Spontaneous" which charted at #37 on the Smooth Jazz charts. Artaska gives a new sound to the violin with a soundscape that brings classical tones with a modern touch. "I was very intentional about picking the vibe for my EP, ear-catching tunes that the average person could dance to or relax to," explains Artaska. "I want this project to serve as a bridge between jazz, funk, and classical. My music is intended to be a journey, a spontaneous journey sonically and emotionally. When someone hears my creation, I want them to have an unforgettable listening experience." Her EP Spontaneous is available for sale on all digital platforms.In 2021 Artaska performed as violinist at the NFL  Big Sean's Thanksgiving Halftime Show in front of 30 million people.